Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021

Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021

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 Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021:


Today’s time is changing, and due to the changing times, the demand for the best android games and IOS games is increasing. Many people have become fond of mobile gaming and almost every Smartphone user will get at least one gaming app on their mobile.


In this list, we are telling you about the 7 best android games that you can download and use for free. If you are fond of mobile gaming then definitely try these 7 free and best android games.


Well, from the very beginning, children’s interest has been towards all these games. The new games are being launched every day, let’s see the Top 7 free and best android games for 2021.


Top 7 Free and Best Android Games:


1. Garena Free Fire:

Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021
 Best Android Games



Garena Free Fire Game is also known as Free Fire Battleground or Free Fire.


Free Fire is an action-adventure battle royal game that is also available for the mobile version and this game is developed by 111 Dots Studio.


Was released by Free Fire Game Beta on 20 November 2017. Then later it was officially released for IOS and Android also on 04 December 2017. This game achieves the first position in our list of best android games.


The game involves over 50 players who jump over an island with the help of a parachute in search of equipment and weapons to fight other players, The player who survives till the end of the game wins the game.


Free Fire game has over 500 million users. Children love to play this game. Free Fire is a multiplayer type game.


There are three maps in this game. The name of the first map is Bermuda, the name of the second is Purgatory and the name of the third map is Kalahari.


Each player has to land at one of these locations and find weapons and kill the other players, again it is the best online game for android.


2. Call of Duty Mobile:

Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021
Best Android Games



It is another best android games. The Call of Duty mobile game has got a very good response all over the world including India. The game has got 20 million downloads in the Play Store till now and the game is compatible with both Android and iOS.


System requirements for Call of Duty Mobile:


This game required some extra features For this, your device should have at least 2GB of RAM. Also, your phone should be running on Android 5.1 or above the operating system.


At the same time, players with iOS devices can also play this game on the device. However, for this, the device should be operating on iOS 9.0 or above version.


The Call of Duty Android mobile game was launched in October 2019 in the mobile version. After the launch of the call of duty mobile game, it was competing with the pubg game. 


But ever since Pubg Mobile was banned in India, the popularity of Call of Duty games is increasing day by day. It is also the best online game for android.


Now let’s talk about another best android games 2021.


3. Candy Crush Saga:

Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021
 Best Android Games



This mobile game is not similar to pubg or any other battle royale game. This game can be played easily on both offline and online platforms. If you play this game online, characters named Tiffy and toffee help you play the game.


Developed in 2014 by, the company that became Candy Crush Saga. After the huge success of Candy Crush Saga, the company released its sequel Candy Crush Soda, which was well-liked by the people. 


This free-to-play-match debut game features a variety of colorful soda bottle puzzles and beautiful music that is loved by gamers.


Candy Crush Soda is a puzzle adventure game and it will turn your boredom moments into fun adventures that are the reason why it comes in our list of the best android games 2021.


4. World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3):


There are many great cricket games available for cricket lovers on Android mobiles, computers, and play stations. One of them is World Cricket Championship 3 i.e. WCC 3, which is a multiplayer game and is live on Google Play Store and Apps Store. 


This game has more than 5 million downloads on the play store and has given 4.2 ratings on the Play Store, while it has received more than 98 thousand reviews. Nextwave Multimedia is the manufacturer of this gameplay. It is also the best online games for android.


World Cricket Championship 3 game brings features like new controls, animations, the real-time motion of athlete and professional cricketer, advanced cricket career mode, women’s cricket mode, variety of cricket tournaments, international leagues, etc. 


Users must have coins to access the new mode of the game. Users will get these coins by watching ads or by progressing in the game.



In the latest version of WCC 3, a new Player Name Presets feature has been added, under which you can enlarge the player’s name, player’s role according to your own. Apart from this, the Hot Events game mode will allow you to participate in live events with players from all over the world. 


Not only has this but a new world tour mode also been added to it, which makes you face-off from other countries. During this, you tour many countries and play series of all formats.


Now talk about the other free and best android games 2021.


5. Asphalt  9:


If you are love racing games, then this game is only for you. This is a racing game that probably no other racing game can compete with this game. You can play this game easily from low graphics to high graphics devices. 


In this game, you get to choose from a variety of cars and trucks. Although this game is played online, its great gaming experience attracts all the people to play it, that is the biggest reason why it comes on our list of the best android games.


You can play this game on Android phones and iPhones. The company says that this camp will be made available for computers very soon, but in recent days it is only available for mobile if you are fond of a racing game.


The company can bring the game for Windows and it within the coming few years, but at present, this game is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, you can download this game very easily from there but you have to keep some things in mind. That the file size of this game is a bit high, so you download it when your internet connection is good enough.



Now the other best android games are,



6. Angry Birds:

Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021
 Best Android Games



The Angry Birds game is the first video game to be played since 2009. This game inspired by birds was first launched for iOS and devices like Maemo. The game was released by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. 


This game is based on different colored birds. Angry Birds is a game in which the birds have to do as much damage as possible by throwing them at the houses built by small animals so that their house cannot be built, in a slingshot has been used to throw the birds.


You will find many versions of this game which are all very good, and all its versions have some kind of reaction with Angry Birds.


This game has got a rating of 4.3 and the best part is that this game is 226 MB, even after downloading it will not take much of your phone space and you can easily keep it in your phone. 


This game has got a rating of 3+, so it shows that this game is very good and this game is very interesting with more than 100 million people downloading this game, and it is also the best android games.


This game requires mental ability as there are so many levels in it that get 3 stars on crossing which encourages people to play.

This game is a lot of fun to play as you have to shoot birds and demolish buildings built by enemies, So let’s talk about other best android games in 2021.


7. Clash of Clans:


You can team up with other players to make the game more exciting and collaborative. You can also donate your group’s soldiers to other members and get soldiers from them to attack and protect and establish a dominion empire. 


To build a good clan you must lead the clan yourself. Think about whether you have everything you need to make this happen and it is the best online games for android as well as IOS.



So I hope you will get the answer to the Top 7 Free and Best Android Games for 2021. 

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