What is a processor and its types ?

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What is a processor and its types ?


Hello guys ! how are you ? In this article we will talking about what is a processor and its types and how it works ?

In the present time we use mobile, computer, laptops, tablets and many more but the question is how the mobile computers work ? how it takes input, processes the input and how gives output. The answer is a very simple Processor. 


Processor is one of the most important parts of computers and mobile, just as the brain is everything to humans without it humans will not do proper work, just like computers without processors will not work properly.
So guys let’s start with what is a processor ?



What is a processor-:

Processor is a microchip (rectangle shape) that is used in computers, laptops and mobiles it establish interaction between user and computer programs. User gives the command/data to the computer by the help of an input device and this command and data are executed by the processor then after it gives the output. 
Actually the processor is the main part of the computers it can  easily handle trillions of calculations  and it is known as CPU and computer brain. Processor have different type of cores-:
Core is just the strength of process.
  1. Single core
  2. Dual core
  3. Quad core
  4. Hexa core
  5. Octa core 
  6. Deca core 
CPU is an electronic circuitry within a computer that carries 
out the instructions of a computer a processor  is act sort of a brain of a computer it’s liable for handling every task you ask your computer to try to do and handling all of all of the behind scene work in order that your computer can smoothly then the component.
 CPU provides the processing power to the computer. The CPU works at the lightning speed and performs millions of calculations per second in order to execute any program.
CPU is divided into three parts-:
Unit controller
Unit controller work is to control the computer system. 
Register is a small device that is used to store the data and instructions it has at high speed.
ALU the stand form is Arithmetic logic unit and work is arithmetic calculations of given instructions.
So you will understand what is a processor now The next question is how does the processor work ?


How does the processor work-:

Processor design is so complex and working process is divide into four parts-:
  1. fetch the data 
  2. decode
  3. execute the data
  4. write back

Fetch the data:-

Fetching the data means it takes the data and instruction from the user and it is sent to the RAM and CPU and stored in the register.


All instruction and data are stored in the register and decode the instruction in binary form means (0,1).

Execute the data:-

After the process of decoding it executes the data.

Write back:-

It maintains and manages the all process of fetching, decoding and execution and it gives output.
Now you will understand how does the processor works ? 
So now let’s understand types of processor 

Types of processor:-

  1. Budget processor
  2. AMD processor
  3. Intel celeron 
  4. Main stream processor
  5. AMD Athlon 64
  6. Intel Pentium 4
  7. Dual core processor 

Budget processor:-

As the name indicates it is a very cheap processor,  it can be managed easily and demand for this type of processor is high and it is used in school, institution, small office and many more places.

AMD processor:-

AMD processors are easily available in the market and price is also less but power consumption is high and it has heating problem issues so performance is also less.

Intel celeron:-

Intel processors are much better than AMD processors. Intel celeron heating problem is less so power consumption is also less and performance is good.

Mainstream processor:-

The mainstream processor demand is very less because it consumes more power.

AMD Athlon 64:-

This processor works on 32 bit and two sockets are used for 64 bit.

Intel Pentium 4:-

Intel Pentium 4 processor used widely and performance is great compared to another processor.

Dual core Processor:-

Dual core processors have dual core and take input data from the user and execute data fastly means process time in dual core is very less.
Now understand function of processor:-

Function of processor:-

Processor provides the processing power to the computer. 
Processor performs millions of calculations per second in order to execute any program.
Processors easily perform arithmetic and logical operations.
So guys I think you all understand what is a processor and its types. Thank you for reading my article please share it.

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