What is an input device and its types ?

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What is an input device and its types

Hello Guys ! How are you, I think you will be all fine and good. So most welcome in my blog one again, today our topic is what is input device and types of input device and also what is functions of input device. so let’s get started.


In the modern age everyone has a mobile, a computer or

laptops and other electronics gadgets. This all of things mostly and widely used in every sector without it we could not be living in right now because it is a part of our daily life. 

Everyone knows what is a computer, A computer is an electronics device that take input data from users and gives exact output that we needed. Okay we will understand what is a computer. Now the question is what is an input device and what is the function of the input device.  

So let’s start our topic: what is an input device ? 

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What is an input device-:

As the name indicates “input” means “it takes the data”. Input device is a system that can take the data from user and the data sent to the CPU for processing the data. Actually input devices take the data from the user and it changes into binary form because the CPU understands only binary data and processes the binary data and gives us output as user format.

In other words, an Input device is like a hardware that helps the user to deliver instruction or data to the computer system and a computer system processes the data or instruction and gives the output. It controls the whole processing system, without it the computer does not perform well.

There are many input device exist, some input device are-:

Light pen


Keyboard is the most commonly used input device, the keyboard is used to type data in the form of alpha (a-z) and numeric (0-9) and also type special symbols and give an input to the CPU and output is displayed in the monitor. It is looks like a typewriter, and this blog is also written with the help of a a keyboard. Keyboards, keys are used for different functions. 


There are many types of keys-:

Alphanumeric keys-:

As the name indicates alpha means (a-z) and numeric means (0-9) an alphanumeric keys content alpha and numeric keys.

Numeric keys-:

This keys contents numeric (0-9) and operators (+,-,*,/) and also contents enter keys.

Function keys-:

There are 12 function keys(f1 to f12) exist in the keyboard and each function key has a different meaning.

Arrow keys-:

There are four direction keys (left, right, upper, down).

Modifier keys-:

There are many modifier keys like shift, ctrl, alt, caps lock.


Mouse is another essential input device of a computer and it is a pointing device. By the help of this input device, we can point or click any particular icons and options in the computer. The even start option is also clicked by the mouse.


There are two types of mouse-:

Mechanical mouse
Optical mouse

Mechanical mouse content rubber coated ball and optical mouse content diodes that emitted the light.


Open the main menu.
Editing the text.
Even this blog is also written with the help of a mouse.
Make images and diagrams.

Light Pen-:

This input device is mostly used in video screens and graphical works like writing some special characters, drawing an image, modifying a particular data, and many more things. It is also a high sensitive pointing device.


The joystick is the most popular pointing input device. It is mostly used in playing video games, drawing graphical design and operates external machines. mainly this device is used in laptops, mobile and also computers.  


The scanner is an external input device, as the name indicates scanner means scanning any particular data , PDF files, text, image and other things and it sends the scanning data to the computer and we can easily access documents and can rewrite and replace any other data files.

So guys there are many types of input devices, so let’s now know what are the functions of input devices.

Function of an input device-:

Input devices are mostly used to input data in computer systems.

With the help of an input device, we can transfer data to a computer.

Create innovative projects.

So friends I think you understand what is an input device and its types and also its functions. Please share this articles, thank you





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