What is an Intranet and How Intranet works

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 So guys In this article we will get full information about:

  • What is an Intranet
  • How Intranet works
  • Benefits of Intranet
  • Intranet vs Internet
  • Intranet vs Extranet

What is an Intranet and How Intranet works

What is an Intranet:

Intranet is a type of software, which is used by large organizations to share private data among their employees. Intranet works to share data between organizations using the Internet Protocol.

It is a private network that shares data and application resources internally via Internet Protocol (IP). In this type of network, many local area networks can be interconnected and leased lines can also be used in wide area networks. Intranet is also a network of many interconnected computers like the Internet but it is a private network.

Where the Internet has made today’s modern life very easy. Today all work has become dependent on the Internet. Whether it is school, college, private office, or government work, all the work is being done through the internet. At the same time, the ways of stealing have also increased due to its use.

The methods of piracy have become easier by using the Internet and to prevent these, intranet and extranet have been used. It is a secure means of accessing the Internet.

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How Intranet works:

Setting up an intranet requires a secure and reliable web server that is responsible for handling all requests for files hosted on the server, searching the requested file, and delivering it to the appropriate computer. 

A Content Management System (CMS) also needs to be established to control the creation, publication, and management of content on the intranet. Intranets consist of several interlinked local area networks (LANs) and may also have leased lines in a wide area network (WAN). 

It uses TCP/IP, HTTP, and other Internet Protocol (IP). When an employee wants to use the Intranet, he must have a unique network password and must be connected to the LAN. However, employees working remotely from the company can also access the intranet through a virtual private network (VPN).

Intranet is a kind of internet, but the intranet is very fast and secure, and private according to network speed and security, data transmission in the intranet is through VPN as soon as we search anything in a web browser or Google. 

So VPN through web hosting always provides 24×7 high bandwidth and high-frequency network and whatever you search, it opens in the screen and is completely secure, the searching client who receives the data from the server. 

It does this, as soon as the client searches anything, information is sent to the server, from there the approval comes within seconds and the computer in which the search is done is transmitted in its IP address and the information is received immediately, Intranet is mostly LAN, MAN, and WAN which connects all the computers and provides access to the file.

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Benefits of Intranet:

Intranet is used privately so in a way it is a secure network and commercially it has its advantages. Companies or entities that use it keep their personal information limited to the company. Now since it can be used by a person only if he has the user password of the network, it is a commercially secure network.

Improvement in communication comes through this. Leaders can share their team’s ideas well and managers and employees can communicate clearly.

This also improves productivity. The company’s intranet can also give access to all the tools and information to the employees. Staff members can increase their productivity by doing more and more tasks in the intranet itself.

Intranet vs Internet:

Difference between Intranet and Internet:



Intranet is managed by only one organization.

Internet can be used by everyone.

Valid Username and Password are required to access Intranet.

Username and password are not required to use it.

Its security depends on the firewall.


Its security depends on the device of the user.

It is a private network.

It is a public network.


The number of computers in the intranet is limited, and the information is also protected according to the need.

The Internet is a global network that can preserve unlimited information

The Internet is available only to the specific people of the company.


Internet is available to all the consumers

 Intranet vs Extranet:

Difference between Intranet and Extranet:




It is a private network that is used within an organization.

It is a private network that works to share data with vendors, suppliers, etc.

Its content can be accessed only within an organization.

Its content can be accessed by more than one organization.


It is managed by only one organization.

It is managed by multiple organizations.


By this, only the computers of one organization are connected.

Through this, computers for more than one organization are connected.


In this, the security depends on the Firewall.

Its security depends on the firewall of the Internet and Extranet.


To access it, we need a valid username and password.

To access this too, we need a valid username and password.


So I hope you will be understood what is an Intranet and How Intranet works.

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