What is an operating system and its types ?

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What is an operating system and its types:-

Hello guys ! Welcome back to my another blog you know what is a computer and how it works ? But do you know what is an Operating system and its types and how it works.

If you don’t know what is an operating system and its types then read my blog. 

 You all know that computers are divided into two parts hardware and software. 

Hardware includes all input devices such as keyboards, mouse, printers etc.

Software contains all digital data and instructions in binary form and we can use this data easily. The software are divided into two parts:-

Application software 

System software

Application software consists of packages and business software and packages is a group of related classes of programs, for example:- MS office, chrome, Photoshop.

 The system software controls the execution of programs inhelse in the development of software, it helps in running the computer system and hardware and it can be classified in two categories:-

Operating system and language processor.

Now lets understand what is an Operating system ?


What is an Operating system:-

An operating system is a system software, and it is an intermediate between application program and user. It can manage and maintain all programs that are given by the user. The purpose of an operating system (OS) is to provide an environment in which users can execute the programs efficiently. Operating system concepts came in 1950.

An operating system can be measured the basic of three factors:-

  1. Turn Around time
  2. Response time
  3. Throughout

All software programs (MS office, games, application software) can be easily accessed by the help of an operating system (OS), you can open any software that is run in the operating system, at the present time without operating system computers will not work The way in which the processor is the brain of the computer, the operating system is also the heart of the computer.

The main objective of the operating system is to make the application program convenient  and also to execute the program’s efficiency. Computers, laptops, mobiles work on different operating systems (OS).

Computers and laptops work in mac, Linux, windows, Ubuntu etc.

Mobiles, tablets work in Android, IOS.

So you must have understood what is an operating system , then understand what are the types of operating system.


Types of an Operating system:-

There are different type of Operating system:-

  1. Batch Operating system
  2. Multitasking Operating system
  3. Multiprocessing Operating system
  4. Real time Operating system
  5. Distributed Operating system
  6. Network Operating system
  7. Mobile Operating system

Batch Operating system:-

The batch operating system is used in a very slow computer system and this computer takes more setup time. To run any program in this operating system, data was first taken through the input device and all were saved in a punch card then after the batch operating system executed the program.

Multitasking Operating system:-

Multitasking operating system operators and computers don’t interact with each other and it is based on the multiprogramming concept, performance is very slow because it executes the data one by one in the form of a job.

Multiprocessing Operating system:-

As the name indicates multiprocessing means multiple processors are used to execute a program and it is more faster than other operating systems. It is have two types:-

Symmetric multiprocessors
Asymmetric multiprocessors

Real Time Operating system:-

Real time operating system means it works only at real time. It takes data from input devices and processes them and gives output this whole process takes very less time. Real time operating system have two types:-

Soft Real time OS
Hard Real time OS

Distributed Operating system:-

The Distributed Operating system is used in many types of computers and it is more powerful than other operating systems. It is best for long distance communications and it have two types:-

Client server system
Peer to peer system

Network Operating system:-

Network Operating system is used in network systems and in this network system it has one admin server and many client servers which are connected to each other, more costly to other operating systems. Network operating systems easily transfer the data files and manage the security of data and applications.

Mobile operating system:-

You all know what operating systems are used in mobiles and tablets, mostly all devices use Android and IOS operating systems. Mobile operating system is loaded onto mobile hardware at manufacturing time and it is very important for mobile system, without it mobile is not working well.

Let us now see what are the functions of the operating system.


Functions of an Operating system:-

Memory management
Device management
Files management
processor management

Memory management:-

Memory is a storage device that is used to store the data, files, music, videos etc. Computers have two types of memory: primary and secondary memory and operating systems manage the primary and secondary memory and perform multiple tasks easily.

Device management:-

Operating systems manage all work of devices like take input data and give output data, manage all drivers ( wifi drivers, Bluetooth drivers, graphic drivers), track all input and output data.

Files management:-

Files is a group of directories and we can easily search what data I need to allocate and deallocate the system resources.
Files management are used to manage and maintained the files and folders of any particular operations. Every computer and mobile has a file management function in such as form of file manager.

Process management:-

Operating systems manage the process scheduling time and all tasks are allocated to the CPU. Processor management handles the process of taking data through the input device and then processing it and delivering the output data.

The main objective of the Operating system is to form the appliance program convenient and also to execute the program’s efficiency.

So guys I think you all understood what is an operating system and its types and how it works. If you like my blog then please share it and follow me.

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