What is Artificial Intelligence ?

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Now everywhere computers and mobiles are used in huge range, because computer, mobiles and machines are work easily and accurate without doing any mistakes. But today Computer Scientist is showing the concept of Artificial Intelligence. So the questions are what Artificial Intelligence is and how it works? Artificial Intelligence is like a machine brain that work like a human brains that means machine have capable to take input and process them and give the accurate result or output like human brain take decision of any problems.

What is Artificial  Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence work on the concept of human’s brain. Just like a human brain thinks problems understand the problems and then take the right decision of that problems. In easy words we can say that Computer Scientist developed such a computers (sets of commands) or machine that take decision like a human brains. But many Scientist are believed that Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humans being. 

What is Artificial Intelligence-:

Artificial Intelligencemeans put the decision making ability of human being in the machine and the machine work like human brain so we call it Artificial Intelligence. According to father of Artificial Intelligence John McCarthy-: “The Science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer program.”

What is Artificial  Intelligence

We operate the normal computer or machine then it can be executed. But this process not apply on the AI, the Artificial Intelligence is programmed to take the decision itself. Now at this time developed different type of machine that take decision on particular situation, upon questioning a human the machine could answer itself.


By the help of Artificial Intelligence developed robots or computer programs that can be work properly like human being and solve their every problem. Machine can be developed itself. In future Artificial Intelligence grows rapidly and we will see Robots all around us and they will our friends.


History of Artificial Intelligence-:

 The father of Artificial Intelligence is John McCarthy and they developed LISP language in 1958. The all researcher accept this language and work Artificial Intelligence fields. In 1957 Nowell and Simon developed General Problem Solver (G.P.S.) nowell program that are the first success in AI. By the help of program solve the questions of General Knowledge.


Types of Artificial Intelligence-:

Artificial intelligence has two types-:

Weak AI-:

This is weak type of Artificial Intelligence. This type of Artificial Intelligence designed in such a way that it performs only particular task. For example-: Virtual Assistant, Google Assistant, and Siri. This Artificial Intelligence focus on narrow task.

Strong AI-:  

This type of Artificial intelligence developed for special task and solves major problems. Actually this type of Artificial Intelligence is designed in such a way that it can be fully think like a human brain. This AI is known as General Artificial Intelligent. Now at present time there are no examples of such machines. 

Michigan State University Professor Arend Hintze divides Artificial Intelligence in 4 parts-: 


Reactive Machine-: This machine reacts by watching. It is very basic Artificial Intelligence machine. It doesn’t contain memory so it can’t use past memory in future. IBM deep blue chess is great example of Reactive Machine. 

Self-Awareness-: In this Artificial Intelligence the machine or software program are work properly like human think, self-awareness, Intelligence. But current time this type of machine is not available.

Limited Memory-: This type of AI uses past’s experience to take decision for the future.

Theory of mind-: It is a hypothetical Concept and in this AI have belief, desire, Intentions like humans.


What is Artificial  Intelligence


Example of AI-:

1.                  Virtual Assistant-: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa.

2.                  Tesla-: Designed Autopilot Cars.

3.                  Social Media Monitoring 

4.                  Game Bots

5.                  Manufacturing Robots

6.                  Travel Booking Assistant

7.                  Bots Chat Tools


Applications of AI-:

1.                   Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science

2.                   Manufacturing Robots

3.                  Gameplay 

4.                  Neural Network

5.                  Virtual Assistant

6.                  Graphic Designs

7.                  Finance and Educations

8.                  Manufacturing Companies. 


 Everything has two sides if Artificial Intelligence has good side but it also content bad side computer scientist believes that machine is a threat to human existence. No doubt Artificial Intelligence is beneficial for us but it is also harmful for us, if Artificial intelligence starts learning by itself, then its humanness will end, which will become concern for us. Tesla CEO Elon Musk  say that if Artificial Intelligence come in car so first drivers job will end.









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