What is graphic designer and how to learn graphic design ?

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Graphic designer


In this changing digital age, along with the demand of computers, the demand for computer graphic designers is also increasing and it is becoming a popular profession. At present time computer graphic technique are used in digital marketing and offline marketing. As the demand for visual and graphic increases, graphic designer scope is also increasing. 

So in this article we will understand what is a graphic designer, computer graphics and its types, how to learn graphic design, list of best graphic design software, scope and salary and what skill is required for graphic design

Graphic design is a booming career option whose demand is growing in the market and every field, some company makes graphic design, logo, flex, poster for marketing their products. If you love the graphic design then first you understand what computer graphic is ?

So now article start with what computer graphic is ?

What is Computer graphic-:

Computer has become a powerful tool for rapid and economical production of pictures. Computer technology has made interactive computer graphic a practical tool.

But today we are find computer graphic used routinely in such areas-: science, engineering, medicines, advertisement, business, industries etc. 

Graphic is made up a lot of pixels, Computer graphic means draw a line, pictures, figures, charts, design logo etc on computer screen. Computer graphic have two types-:

Interactive computer graphic 
Non-Interactive computer graphic.

    Interactive computer graphic-:

    In this computer graphic user and operators can easily interact with data flow, charts, figure by the help of input device. This is example of two way communications.

    Non-Interactive computer graphic-:

    In this computer graphic user and operators can’t easily interact with data flow, charts and figure. It is also known as Passive computer graphic and this is an example of one way communication.

    After understanding what is computer graphic and its types, now let’s understand what a graphic designer is ?

    What is Graphic Design-:

    The process of expressing some kind of message using words, images, shape and colors.  Graphic design can be both virtual and physical. Virtual graphic design means we see on the mobile, computer screen and physical graphic design means that which we can touch like poster, banners, flex. 


    Computer graphic is visual, that is associated with art, imagination and expression, involving many mediums such as drawing painting or lettering given clear and clean detail. So the computer graphic part of graphic design is made up of visual elements, the building blocks of design. The basic graphic design includes the following: Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Space, Form and Typography Through the harness of our artistic expression we choose these visual elements and arrange them on a surface in a layout to convey an idea.

     After completing first part now the second part is design is thinking, problem solving and practicality, theory. In computer graphic design have some rules that can be considered. These rules are called ‘The principles of design’. 

    The principles of design have a relationship between each other and appear in every well designed piece of work you see. 

    A person who creates an important message with the help of  logo, flex, animation, graphics, colors, text is called graphic designer. 
    Now at this time you must understand what is graphic design ? So let’s understand how you will learn graphic design or how you will become a graphic designer ?


    How to learn graphic design-:

    If you want to learn any skill, then from my point of view there are two ways -:

    Offline and Online

    Offline is a good choice, you can go to institute which are nearby you then you can learn graphic design course.

    But I don’t refer you to go offline because of this pandemic so you can start with online platform. Online have lots of option. Some important websites that you should start with this-:

    1. Udemy
    2. coursera
    3. alison
    4. MIT
    5. edx.org
      Now you understand how to learn graphic design, but our next question is what is the best software for the graphic design


      List of best software for graphic design-:

      1. Adobe Photoshop
      2. Sketch
      3. Adobe Illustrator
      4. Affinity designer
      5. Adobe InDesign
      6. CorelDraw 2019

        This above software is best for graphic design.

        Salary and scope-:

        At present time graphic designer is a trending field. Fresher graphic designer can expect $40,000 US dollars per annum and you can work as a freelancer for many companies and you can do your own business also.

        some industries where the demand of graphic designer is increasing like media, retails, software industries, entertainment industries, animation studio, movies, news, product marketing, website development, game development etc. 

        You can understand what is scope and salary of graphics designer now let’s understand what skill is necessary for graphic designer ?

        Skill required for Graphic designer-:

        Every field required skill for development, so the in graphic designing must require skill for development required skill for graphic designer are-:

        Analytical skill-:

        If you are designer of any field then you must have analytical skill means you know the how to create design and how to developed it.

        Artistic skill-:

        Artistic skill is a way to show your creativity and knowledge about particular fields.

        Communication skill-:

        A communication skill must require in this field, designers have to treat their clients and customers well. 

        Computer skill-:

        You must have basic knowledge of computer.


        This skill is must require, you have better thoughts and imagination is high.

        Here graphic designing is booming career option anyone can start a career as graphic designer, So I think this article information about graphic design is useful for you and your all question like -:

        1. what is a graphic designer, 
        2. computer graphics and its types, 
        3. how to learn graphic design, 
        4. list of best graphic design software, 
        5. scope and salary and 
        6. what skill is required for graphic design 
          will have got answers to all questions and thanks for reading my article.

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