What is hacking and how to learn ethical hacking ?

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Hello Guys! If your interest in hacking and you want to learn hacking then this article is helpful for you. In this blog we shown all about hacking -: What is hacking? , hacking types, how to learn hacking? What skill needs for hacking and hacking scope and salary?

In this present time students are more inclined towards hacking. And they want to learn hacking. In today mobile, computer and laptops demands is so high and everyone has mobiles, computers. Malicious attacks on computer networks are officially known as cracking, while hacking truly applies only to activities having good intentions. So cyber crime is also increased. If you don’t know what is cyber crime?  Then let us know what cyber crime is?


cyber crime

Cyber crime-:it is may be defined as any illegal activities that involve a computer, systems or computer network. It is any illegal act for which knowledge of computer technology is essential to execute. 

For example a black hat hacker hack the computer or mobile data of a company or person and use that data for wrongdoing.

If you want to know more about hacking then you can read our articles completely. We will tell you in these articles that what is hacking? , hacking types, how to learn hacking? What skill needs for hacking and hacking scope and salary?

So let us start our first question is what is hacking?  


What is Hacking-:

Hacking is any technical effort to manipulate behavior of network connections and connected systems. Find the vulnerability and bug of any computer systems, mobile, computer network and server is known as Hacking. And this work is done by the hackers. Hackers have a lot of knowledge about computer programming, data server, computer networks, operating systems and many more things and hackers uses of their knowledge perform many task like check the system security, penetration testing create phishing page, find vulnerability and bug.

Now you will understand what is hacking? Then our next question is what the types of hacking are?

Black hat hackers-:

A black hat hackers hacked your personal data without permission and doing illegal activities. And government can be punished them and send them to jail.

White hat hackers-:

A white hat hackers is good hackers. Many companies hired the White hat hackers to check their computer security systems, find bugs and vulnerability.

 Grey hat hackers-:

 A grey hat hackers hack any systems for fun and enjoyments. Their purpose is not to harm anyone.

 Miscellaneous Hackers-:

 A Miscellaneous Hackers doing all illegal activities, Hacked any computer system for wrong purpose. Miscellaneous Hackers divided into 4 parts-:

  •  Red Hat Hackers-:
 A red hat hackers is combination of white hat hackers and black hat hackers, red hat hackers are doing legal and illegal works.

  •  Blue Hat Hackers-:
 A blue hat hackers not work in any companies but they find the loopholes of any programs and systems. Companies give the beta version of any game, software and application to find the any loopholes and bugs.

  •  Elite Hackers-:
An elite hacker’s knowledge is so high and has exceptional skills and they contained social status.

  •  Script Kiddie-:
 A script kiddie hack any systems and mobiles by help of the prepackaged automated tools. Script kiddie knowledge is less and they are non-expert in their field. Many such pre-packaged scripts are posted on the Internet for anyone, typically entry-level hackers.

 At this time you must have understood what is hacking and their types?


History of Hacking-:

 Hacking is historically referred to constructive, clever technical work that was not necessarily related to computer systems. So when did hacking originate? MIT engineers in 1960s carried out some harmless technical experiments and fun learning activities. These were so called hacks. Before the internet, several hackers in US experimented with methods to modify telephones for making ‘FREE’ long distance calls over the phone network illegally. As computer networking and internet exploded in popularity, data networks became the most common target of hackers.


What is Ethical Hacking-:

If you understand what is hacking? So let’s understand what is ethical hacking?

what is ethical hacking


 Basically ethical hacking is just like similar to hacking, but the difference is that ethical hacker’s takes permission from the systems owners then performed hacking. Ethical hackers work in software companies as a security engineers and check the vulnerability of any system, find bugs and loopholes, protect against the malwares and viruses and developed systems security software and makes network security strong . Ethical hacking is legal process.

 A few highly skilled ethical hackers work for commercial firms with the job to protect that company’s software and data from outside hacking. Cracking techniques on networks include creating worms, initiating denial of service (DOS) attacks, or establishing unauthorized remote access connections to a device. I will talk more about viruses, worms, dos attacks.


How to Become an Ethical hacker-:

The Major questions for is that How to become an ethical hacker? So the answer of these questions is first you will learn all hacking skills. What skills needed for ethical hacking?


what skill required for ethical hacking

Computer Skills-:

First you learn basics of computer like Internet, DOS command, Social media, DBMS.

Programming Skills-:

 The programming skill is necessary for ethical hacking. You must be learning C, C++, HTML, Python, Scripting language. Python is good language for beginners and hacker’s favorite language.

Networking Skills-:

Networking skill is must require for ethical hacking.

Linux Skill-:

Basically Linux is operating systems and without Linux skills you can’t become a hacker.

Database Skill-:

To manage all databases you will need to learn DBMS and Some basic Hardware Knowledge.


 How to learn Ethical hacking-:

 You must have understood what is ethical hacking and How to become an ethical hacker? And then question is comeback How to learn ethical hacking?

how to learn hacking


 So you can start with offline and online.

Offline-: If there is an institute is near to you, where ethical hacking is taught. So you start it from there also.

Online-: If you want to learn online then you can start it from YouTube Videos and Some websites that are given below-

YouTube’s Video only for beginners





EH Academy


Station X


Hacking scope and salary-:

At present time cybercrime is increase so demanding of ethical hackers is also increase. Hacking is top high paying job in the worlds and many companies organized bug bounty programs also known as bug bounty hunters.

Fresher ethical hackers can expect $7000 US dollars per annum and it increase after work experience so the ethical hackers draw up to $40000 US dollars per annum. And bug bounty hunters can also earn in millions of dollars.

Now I think that after reading this article, you will have got answers to all your questions about what is hacking. , hacking types, how to learn ethical hacking? What skill needs for hacking and hacking scope and salary?


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