What is Python Programming Language ?

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Hey guys my name is Aman and if you want to learn programming or coding then the Python language is good for beginners and also experts.Now here In this article I will show you What is Python Programming Language, How to learn Python programming language, Its Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages and many more things. So lets start………….

If You want to become a Programmer then Python Programming languageis good for you because Python is High level Programming language, easily understand beginners. Python programming Language is very popular language. Highly used in biggest companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Quora, Pinterest and many more. 

If you start a carrier in Software Industries then  Python Programming language is beneficial and it is easy to understandable as compared to another language like C, C++, JAVA etc.

 What is Python-:

Python is Object Oriented Programming Language that are also known as General Purpose Programming Language that are used in Artificial Intelligence, Complex Website development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Game development etc . Python language is developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1985-90. Python language is user friendly, easy to use and absolutely free. It is Interpreted Language that mean doesn’t need compiler to execute a code or programs. 

Python Programming Language syntax and code are very easy and readable.Python supported  many Modules and Packages. Today Python developers demand is very high in many IT sectors. 

How to Download Python-:

Python Programming Language is absolutely free for everyone. It doesn’t need money to download or use because python language are available in General Public License(GPL). 

Download and Install Python go to official websites-:Python

Advantages of Python-:

There are many features of Python like-:

  • Easy Programming language-: Python Programming Language is very easy to another programming language because its syntax is simple and easy to understands and programmer friendly.  


  • Expressive Language-: Python is Expressive language that means easy to understandable and readable. Many  Programming language doesn’t support Expressive language.

  • Cross Platform Language-: Python supports cross platform operating system means it run on Windows, Mac, Linux etc operating systems.
  • High Level Language-: Python is High Level Language that means Programmer doesn’t need System Architecture. 
  • Interpreted Language-: Python is Interpreted Language. It doesn’t need compiler to execute code. Python run the Program line by line.
  • Python support Object Oriented language and GUI means Graphical User Interface.


     Disadvantages of Python-: 

    Everything have two part one is good side and another is bad side so that python have advantages so it consist also disadvantages.


    • This Language is not good for Mobile Development.      
    • Not suitable for High Graphic 3-D games.
    • Not good for memory intensive task.       


 How to learn Python Programming Language-:

The Major questions for every programming language is that How to learn Programming language? so answer of this questions is divide in two parts-

  • Offline 

  • Online

Offline-:  If there is an institute is near to you, where programming language is taught. So you start it from there also.

Online-: If you want to learn online then you can start from YouTubeidoes and Some websites that are given below-:


Python Tutorial-:

Python YouTube tutorial-:

  • CS Geeks

  • ProgrammingKnowledge

  • CodeWithharry

  • MysirG.com

  • Telusko



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