YouTube remove dislike button | A big update from YouTube

YouTube remove dislike button:

YouTube remove dislike button
YouTube remove dislike button

The update from YouTube is that the dislike button is staying, but the dislike counts will now be private. So if you do currently see a dislike count on this video, you won’t do it for very long.



So since there isn’t no turning back now, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Obviously, there’s been quite a reaction already, and I’ll show you some of that a little later on.


Basically in YouTube’s opinion, the experiment worked. Dislike attacking behavior, as they call it, is down, and this was something that small creators, in particular, suffered from.



I guess at this point, you’re wondering what my opinion is, and as just another creator, generally speaking, that in terms of being a very simple rating system, removing the dislikes destroys that notion.


On the other hand, if a significant portion of users cannot be trusted to respect that button for what it should be used for, then to protect the mental health of creators is required.



Now, I guess you could argue that why should the majority of users who respect that button be punished for a few bad actors?


And yes. Maybe YouTube could have compromised by limiting the use of that dislike button for certain users who were obviously using it far too much.



But something like that is just going to make everything just that little bit more complicated, and those who really want to abuse the YouTube dislike button will find a way around it.


Now let’s just clarify exactly what’s happening here. Only the public dislike count is being removed. As far as creators are concerned, it’s business as usual.



You can still go to the content management screen in the YouTube Studio, and mouse over the likes-to-dislikes ratio to get the exact number of dislikes for a video.



If you’re a mobile creator on the YouTube Studio mobile app, you can go to Individual Videos, go to Analytics, and choose the Engagement tab, which will show you the likes-to-dislikes ratios.



It’s not an exact number and it can be delayed sometimes, 20 to 48 hours, but it gets you what you need. But since we are on the topic of dislikes, there is still one blind spot.



YouTube has never shared dislike counts on community posts for users or creators. Why? YouTube has made a very conscious decision here to take control of the dislike count when it comes to users.



But ultimately, creators are still in complete control of the entire likes-to-dislikes system. For any YouTube video on a channel, creators can simply decide to hide the public count for both likes and dislikes, so that videos now look like this.




The setting can also be changed at an upload default level in the master settings of the YouTube Studio. And now for some of your opinions. YouTube should just level the playing field and get rid of both likes and dislikes.



Most of the social media platforms do not have a dislike button, But when it comes to YouTube, users are often making a much greater investment in time on a single piece of content.



So if users relied on the likes-to-dislikes ratio in the past, now they’re going to have to commit to one or two minutes of watching a video to decide whether or not they enjoy it and want to continue watching. And let me leave you with this final fault of a possible YouTube future.

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