About us


Information about us:

Hello friends, welcome to our website, My name is Aman Aggarwal and I live in the Durg district of Chhattisgarh. If I talk about my education, I have done B. Tech (Computer Science).

Since childhood, I have had a lot of interest in topics like Technology, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, computers, Applications, and the Internet. Due to my great interest in computers, I also did my graduation from the Computer Science Stream.

Along with this, I also like watching Marvel movies, in which Spiderman and Doctor Strange are my favorite characters.

Purpose of our website:

Well, everyone likes technology and today we are living in the Information Age, due to which we have a lot of information available and we can easily search for this information with the help of the Internet.

But the problem is still that a lot of information is available in English due to which many people have difficulty in getting information in English.

That is why we will give you information in Hindi about Technology, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Applications, and Internet topics with the help of Yourtechyworlds.com website. So that you can also have good knowledge about all these topics.

Thank you