Application of computer graphics

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 Application of computer graphics:

Application of computer graphics
 Application of computer graphics

Computer graphics: 

Computer Graphics is a subfield of computer science in which the art of making all types of graphics (line, picture, chart, etc.) is taught through programming i.e. by coding. Computer graphics are made up of many pixels. Pixel is actually the smallest unit of graphics visible on a computer screen.

Computer graphics are made up of many pixels. Pixel is the smallest unit of graphics visible on a computer screen.

The term computer graphics was first used by Verne Hudson and William Fetter in 1960.

When we draw a picture on any paper, we use a pencil, color, and eraser. If something goes wrong while making a picture on the paper, then we erase it with rubber, then it becomes stained or black and if the color is wrong then we have to make the picture again on another paper which is a difficult and laborious task.

To avoid this problem and to take a picture easily, we use computer graphics. Through which we can draw any picture.

Computer graphics are used for painting, desktop publishing, building architecture in AutoCAD, making games, making movies, weather forecasting in science, etc.

Now after understanding what is Computer Graphics, then understand the application of computer graphics.


Application of Computer graphics:

Nowadays Computer Graphics is used a lot in almost all fields because it takes very little time to make graphics from computer and accuracy is also high in Computer Graphics.

Teaching and Training:

Teaching and Training Attractive 3D and 2D educational graphics models are made from computer graphics, which students can understand easily, and by making computer graphics, any complex concept can be easily explained and understood, that is why nowadays. Computer graphics are used a lot in fields like education and training.

Using computer-generated models in teaching is very beneficial. With this, it becomes very easy to explain the concept of any subject. With the help of graphics, students learn easily and interest in the subject increases in them.

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Graphics Design:

Graphics design is an art in which visual content is created with the help of images, text, symbols and its use is also very much nowadays and nowadays graphics designing is done with the help of computers through computer graphics. Images, symbols, and words are used to create a visual and textual presentation.

Computer Art:

We can create great art by using computer graphics. Through this, we can create cartoons, logo designs, and paintings.

Computer Games:

A video game is an electronic game in which some images are shown to the user on the screen with which he interacts.


Computer graphics are used the most in the entertainment field, computer graphics are used in large quantities in things like computer games, animations, movies, television shows, motion pictures.


With the help of Computer Graphics, an architect can make such a design that is impossible to make without a computer, so computer graphics are used in large quantities in the architecture field. It is used by architects to create drawings of buildings.

Web Design:

Web design means designing websites and web pages that are displayed on the Internet.

To design a website, animation, communication design, graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), and information architecture, etc. have to be used.

Visual Design:

Scientists, engineers, medical personnel, business analysts, etc. have to deal with a large of information. They have to study. The behavior of any information has to be understood. To search for those who are scientists, they have to study large information. 

Then it is not so easy for them to analyze the data. They also have to take help of computer graphics model. A visual form of this large data is provided.

So I hope you will be understood what is a Graphics Design and the Application of Graphic design.

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