Whatsapp Update New Features 2022: know complete information

Whatsapp Update New Features 2022:

WhatsApp is constantly updating its features. Now WhatsApp is coming with some new features. These include features like WhatsApp Communities file size limit, and React.

Know how much these new features will change your WhatsApp experience…

Whatsapp Update New Features 2022

Whatsapp Update New Features 2022: If you use the popular messaging platform Telegram, then there is a special channel feature, through which your message can be reached by two lakh people. But no such feature is yet with WhatsApp.

At present, there is a limit of 256 people in the WhatsApp group. But now WhatsApp is about to change.

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Whatsapp New Features Today:

The company has informed through a blog post that it is launching a new feature called ‘Communities’, in which many similar groups can be brought together. This feature may be introduced in the coming months. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on file size limits, a voice call with 32 people, a reaction feature, etc.

Will be brought under With this, users will be able to add multiple groups to a community. This feature will allow different 4ps to be brought together. When multiple like-minded groups are brought together, people will be able to see updates sent to the entire community.

Whatsapp New Update Features:

Plus, organize important discussion groups with ease. Each community on WhatsApp will have group details and menus. Users can choose the community they want to join. Like groups, communities will also have admins to moderate the group.

WhatsApp will introduce powerful new tools for admins, including announcement messages. The Communities feature can be used to organize discussions as well as make important announcements.

Whatsapp Update New Features 2022

Whatsapp Update New Features 2022:

Here the more details of WhatsApp’s new features update 2022:

Maximum File Transfer:

According to the WhatsApp blog post, users will soon be able to share files up to 2 GB. This feature will be very useful for those people who want to share medium to large files, photos, and videos through WhatsApp. Currently, the maximum size for sharing videos, voice messages, photos, etc. is 16 MB, which is too little for today’s needs.

The Telegram messaging app already allows you to share files up to 2 GB. This feature will first be released to beta testers, then its stable version will be released.

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Voice call with 32 people:

At present, there is a facility to make voice calls with only eight people on WhatsApp, but now this is also expected to change. WhatsApp is also adding a new feature for voice calls, which will allow users to make biased calls with up to 32 people simultaneously.

To accommodate members during the call, WhatsApp will change the way calls are displayed to participants on the screen. WhatsApp is using webform graphics to label different members.

Reaction feature:

Like Instagram and Facebook, you will now be able to use the emoji reaction feature on WhatsApp as well. Earlier, to react to a message sent in a group, you had to send different messages, but with this feature, you will be able to react to any message through emoji. In this, options for selected emoji can be found.

Admin Control:

Admins in the group on WhatsApp will become more powerful than before. Group admins will be able to remove inappropriate or problematic messages from anyone’s chat.

Here you will get the complete information about Whatsapp Update New Features 2022.

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