Dunali Season 2 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Actress Name

This web series is an Indian web series that will be released on the platform of Ullu. The name of this web series is Dunali Season 2 Part 3. The trailer of this web series has been released on Ullu’s YouTube channel.

Eagerly waiting to watch this web series after watching its trailer. In this web series, Rekha Mona Sarkar Shubham Deoria, Nehal Wadoliya, and Ayushi Jaiswal will be seen playing lead roles in this web series.

Dunali Season 2 Web Series:

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Release Date of Dunali Web Series:

This web series will be released on Ullu App. Jitendra Rawat is directing this web series. You will get to see this web series on Ullu’s app, you will get to see this web series in Hindi.

Some time ago Dunali Web Series Part 2 was released and after a few days, Part 3 of Dunali Season 2 has been released. Dunali web series chapter 3 has been released on 24 June 2022.

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Star Cast list of Dunali Web Series:

  1. Shubham Deorukhar
  2. Aayushi Jaiswal
  3. Sharanya Jit Kaur
  4. Rekha Monar
  5. Hitesh
Shubham Deorukhar
Shubham Deorukhar
Aayushi Jaiswal
Aayushi Jaiswal
dunali web series actress name
Sharanya Jit Kaur

Part 1 and Part 2 of this were very much liked by the audience, Season 3 of this has been released very soon on Ullu’s app. And Part 2 web series consists of 3 episodes and has been released on Ullu’s app.

Ayushi Jaiswal is going to be seen in Dunali season 2. Ayushi Jaiswal was seen in Ullu’s web series Palangtod Damad Season 2 Part 2.

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The story of Dunali Web Series 2 starts from where the story of its first season ended. In this, you are shown that Sameer gets the girl of his choice, which increases the excitement in his life and everyone around him. But it all seems like a curse for Sameer.

Season 2 of Dunali web series begins with the story of a beautiful scene between Sakshi and Rohan. In the first part, Sameer is called by his father. Sameer’s father calls Sameer and says that he is coming to Mumbai to meet him. Sameer gets shocked hearing all this. And his eyes first fall on Abha and Sameer hides behind a flower pot stand to hide Sakshi.


NameDunali Web Series
GenreComedy, Drama
Season 2
Release Date10 June 2022
DirectorYatendra Rawat
Language Hindi



On which platform Dunali Web Series will be released?

Dunali Web Series will be released on the Ullu OTT Platform.

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